RET 62 — For a Critical History of Northern Treasures I

The first publication of the ANR FCHNT was published in February 2022 in the number 62 of the Revue d’Études Tibétaines:

Jay Valentine, Stéphane Arguillère, and Jean-Luc Achard (eds): “For A Critical History of the Northern Treasures”, Revue d’Études Tibétaines, no. 62, Février 2022, 305 p.

Full text    (4.4 MB)

Cover, contents    (192 kb, pp. 1-4)

Introduction — For A Critical History of the Northern Treasures    (261 kb, pp. 5-21)
    author: Stéphane Arguillère

Introduction to the Contents of this Special Issue    (164 kb, pp. 22-28)
    author: Jay Valentine

The rDo rje in the Details: A Note on sNa nam rDo rje bdud ‘joms (fl. eighth century) and His Role in Bringing Padmasambhava to Tibet    (307 kb, pp. 29-50)
    author: Elizabeth Angowski

The Longevity Practice of Vajrakīla Revealed by Rig ‘dzin rGod ldem can: A Critical Edition and Annotated Translation of the rDo rje phur pa’i tshe bsgrub    (588 kb, pp. 51-90)
    author: Kanako Shinga

The Life and Identity of mNga’ ris Paṇ chen Padma dbang rgyal (1487-1542) – the Outstanding Master from Mustang, the “Ordinary Bodily Being”    (1.3 MB, pp. 91-131)
    author: Alexandra Sukhanova

The Heart Drops of Samantabhadra (Kun bzang snying tig) as revealed by mNga’ris paṇ chen (Padma dbang rgyal, 1487–1542)    (387 kb, pp. 132-163)
    author: Jean-Luc Achard

Tsi’u dmar po: How a Northern Treasure God Became Ecumenical    (548 kb, pp. 164-189)
    author: Christopher Bell

Yamāntaka’s Wrathful Magic: An Instance of the Ritual Legacy of gNubs chen Sangs rgyas ye shes on the Byang gter Tradition via the Figure of rGya Zhang khrom    (317 kb, pp. 190-215)
    author: Dylan Esler

An Introduction to The Chariot of Marvels: Northern Treasure Master Padma ‘phrin las’s Memoir of a Journey to Byang Ngam ring in 1690    (330 kb, pp. 216-232)
    author: Jay Valentine

A History of the dGongs pa zang thal practice manuals    (657 kb, pp. 233-298)
    author: Stéphane Arguillère

Byang gter Bibliography    (151 kb, pp. 299-305)
    author: Jay Valentine & Stéphane Arguillère