Call for Contributions to a Second “Northern Treasures Special Issue” of the RET

The First Northern Treasures Special Issue

After the successful completion of a first ‘Byang gter special issue’ of the Revue d’Études Tibétaines, the FCHNT (For a Critical History of the Northern Treasures) team received some extremely valuable pieces of research, which cannot be included as such in the planed volumes but definitely deserve publication. Thus, with the agreement of Jean-Luc Achard, chief editor of the RET, we are now setting up plans for a second ‘Byang gter special issue.’

Our FCHNT project is mostly historical in a quite narrow sense (focused on biographies of the important figures of this tradition), but history in a broader sense includes all cultural realities and, in the context of the Revue d’Études Tibétaines, we would welcome anything relevant to the Northern Treasures traditions, in the most varied fields, biographies of course, but also rituals, doctrines, contemporary anthropological fieldwork, etc., provided that it sheds some light on aspects of this tradition.

We would like all researchers interested to contribute to contact us ( with a provisional title or a short description of the intended content; papers would be due for 15/09/2023.